Quote in title from The Santa Clause (1994) 

Groups of people tell us what’s real and what isn’t real. We are supposed to go along with whatever they say, despite the fact we’re individuals with our own beliefs and ways of life. I plan on majoring in a branch of Biology, I haven’t quite gotten that figured out… I have a scientific mind. However, just because I have a scientific mind, doesn’t mean I don’t believe in “otherworldly” or “paranormal” things.

I had a rough childhood. My family and I moved into a house that had a strange history, but it was very beautiful. A Victorian Era house that used to be connected to several other properties in the neighborhood as part of a farm. This house was our dream house, and I surely treated it like a castle. But… some aspects of it all were slightly off. My first experience was when I was about 7 or so. I was watching TV late at night, and I felt that cliche feeling that someone was staring at me; I turned around and looked out the window. In almost complete darkness, I saw a man standing in the yard who was completely visible to me. It seemed he almost gave off light in a sense.  He was quite old, wore a plaid hat and clothes of beige, and supported himself on a cane. Of course, as expected, I was absolutely terrified and immediately bolted out of the room to find my mom. I kept telling her, “There was a man in the yard!” She didn’t believe me. She went and checked outside, he wasn’t there. Mad, I walked to my room and went to bed.

That was one of my first experiences, the one that I was most frustrated about. However, as my parents’ marriage got worse, it seemed that more of this “weird stuff” kept happening. My dad, at the time, suffered from paranoid schizophrenia because of drug abuse. He decided to install cameras around the house and property because he thought suspicious people were wandering around. At the time, my mom and I just thought he was crazy and that there was nothing truthful about what he was saying. Should we believe any of it? One day, when my mom and I were gone, he was sitting in his room on his computer. These cameras that he installed had a setting where if something moved in an otherwise stationary environment, it would bring that camera program window to your attention on the computer. Something in the kitchen had moved, so that camera footage was front and center. As he watched, what looked like smoke was next to the stove in a ball, but then it quickly changed shape into a woman leaning over the counter. She took a glance to the side, then ran out of the room. Since my mom and I were not here for this, it may not seem as credible. We were showed the footage later, and we didn’t really know how to respond. It was nuts.

My last memory of a “solid”  and not a “I just saw something out of the corner of my vision” type of of experience was in 5th grade. I was at the mall with my mom and my half-sister. They were looking at boots as I sat in a chair on the side of the isle, people watching. There aren’t many people there because it’s during the middle of week at noon. I eventually see this man in a tuxedo, a very clean cut guy. He had a briefcase and almost looked like a lawyer. He stopped when he got to my chair, and looked at me. He asked, “How’s it going, Laura?”, smiled, then continued to walk down the isle. When he turned the corner around a pillar, he didn’t come out the other side. I was shaking in fear, and ran to my family right away. Apparently talking too fast for them to understand, they asked me to slow down. I told them what happened, and summed it up as, “A man was walking and said ‘How’s it going, Laura?’ and then disappeared. He just disappeared!” They thought it was a pedophile or a stalker or something. Searched the entire mall to find this guy. They never found him, but I had a hunch that was because he wasn’t actually…here, on this physical plane, shall we put it. They still talk about how I got scared and how badly it terrified them that I was being followed.

I have many more times where strange things happened, but I don’t have to write about them right now. Now, I question what I’ve seen what I was little. The problem is, a few times other people saw what I saw, too, so I can’t just push it aside as “nothing happened”. I currently sense the Other Side. I don’t see them in the same fashion, but I’m absolutely positive that I’m still seeing something, feeling something. I’ve been told it’s not real and that I’m just believing in silly things. How can anyone know what it is for sure? Life forms on this planet are able to witness and experience the environment around them. Every day, we as humans learn more and more about other species and their spectacular abilities to communicate and utilize certain skills. We learn about the laws of the universe. Some things that we have discovered aren’t supposed to happen according to the laws of physics, but they still do. So, who’s to say what’s real and what isn’t? Do we even know at all? No. Things are constantly changing, and we’re constantly discovering,  so let’s just experience it all and not dismiss it; just witness it. Things previously seen as impossible could one day become very real, and very normal for us.

Greenlake, taken by Laura in 2011.

Greenlake, taken by Laura in 2011.

“Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean is doesn’t exist.”